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Prepare to create an atmosphere that pulsates with untamed adventure, fueled by the awe-inspiring power of The Vintage Stick!

This isn't just any ordinary stick ‚Äď it's a collector's dream, a relic that embodies the very essence of outdoor exploration. Immerse yourself in its captivating glow as it breathes life into the surroundings with its flexible LED light, boasting dual lighting capabilities. With a design that pays homage to the bygone era, this vintage-inspired masterpiece becomes the centerpiece of your collection. Prepare to witness history come alive as you unleash a unique radiance upon your surroundings. Step boldly into the night, guided by its unparalleled allure, for The Vintage Stick is the perfect choice for the intrepid adventurer within.


- Lantern and Flashlight in one device

- Vintage style design

- Collector grade quality

- LED lighting

- 5 Light modes

- Hook, tripod port, lampshade

- Lumens: 20LM-120LM

- Color temperature: 2200K and 4000K

- Water resistant IPX4

- Battery: Lithium-ion 2500 mAh

- Battery life: 4h-24h

- USB C fast charging 3h

- Color: Black

- Material: ABS + silicone

- Weight: 4 oz

- Dimensions: 4.92*1.69 inches (vintage stick), 4.56 inches (lampshade diameter)

What's in the box:

- Vintage Stick

- USB C Charging cable

- Lampshade

(Note: Tripod not included) 

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