Retro Lantern - Dimmable and Vintage Style Lantern

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Ignite the night with the fierce brilliance of the Retro Lantern

 An unstoppable force that embraces the spirit of the explorer. With atmospheric lighting and a dimmable glow, this vintage-style companion sets the stage for daring adventures and untamed conquests. Let its classic design transport you to a bygone era as you illuminate the darkest corners with a fearless intensity.


- Retro style lantern

- Dimmable LED light

- Light temperature: 3000K and 4000K

- Battery: Lithium-ion 3000 mAh

- Battery life: 5h-24h

- Battery level indicator

- USB C fast charging 4h

- Material: ABS + metal

- Color: Army green

- Weight: 13.8 oz

- Dimensions: 4.6*4.6*9.25 inches (Including the extended hook)

What's in the box:

- Retro Lantern

- USB C charging cable


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