Explorer Flashlight - Multifunctional And Waterproof Flashlight

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Prepare for the ultimate adventure with the Explorer Flashlight, a relentless powerhouse that embodies aggression and daring.

This unstoppable tool packs all the essential features you need, boasting six commanding lighting modes that will leave darkness quivering in its wake. But that's just the beginning‚ÄĒthis remarkable device doubles as a power bank, defies nature itself by floating on water, and withstands any storm with its impenetrable waterproof construction. With magnetic mounts that defy gravity, it clings to any surface, ready to dominate every situation. And the crowning glory? The revolutionary mosquito repeller light, a game-changer in your quest for dominance. Don't just gear up, gear up with the flashlight that defines true power‚ÄĒthe Dominator Explorer Essentials Flashlight.


- 6 Light modes

- Powerbank 

- Mosquito repeller 

- Flashlight + Lantern

- IP68 waterproof

- Glass breaking hammer

- Silicone floaters 

- Magnetic mounts

- USB fast charging

- Material: ABS resin + silicone rings + PC hard transparent tube

- Input/output: 5v/2A

- Charging time: 10h


T15 model:

- Battery capacity: 2600 mAh

- Brightness: 240 lm

- Size: 6.3*1.58*1.58 inches

- Modes working time: Flashlight 8 hrs, low brightness 30 hrs, medium brightness 14 hrs, high brightness 8 hrs, SOS 16 hrs, Mosquito repellent 8 hrs. 

T25 model:

- Battery capacity: 5200 mAh

- Brightness: 350 lm

- Size: 9.84*1.58*1.58 inches

- Modes working time: Flashlight 16 hrs, low brightness 35 hrs, medium brightness 20 hrs, high brightness 10 hrs, SOS 24 hrs, Mosquito repellent 13 hrs. 

T30 model:

- Battery capacity: 7800 mAh

- Brightness: 480 lm

- Size: 11.8*1.58*1.58 inches

- Modes working time: Flashlight 22 hrs, low brightness 40 hrs, medium brightness 23 hrs, high brightness 12 hrs, SOS 26 hrs, Mosquito repellent 13 hrs. 

Light modes:

1) Flashlight

2) Low brightness 

3) Medium brightness

4) High brightness

5) SOS light Red/blue

6) Mosquito repellent 

What's in the box:

- Flashlight

- Micro USB charging cable

- Lanyard

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Helmer Dickinson

Good lanterns

Kylee Strosin

A multifunctional product. I recommend to everyone

Carlie Schulist

Lantern super. For home and camping. Convenient, universal, and just a cool thing. I'll take more.

Torrance Schuster

Excellent lantern + powerbank. The only negative is the fastening of the strap with a metal bracket. You can drop the lantern!

Jacques Thompson

Thank you all well thank you